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Ceramic Foam Filters
Ceramic foam filter

Ceramic foam filter

Physical and chemical properties

Material Alumina Silicon Carbide Zirconia Magnesia
Color White Grey black Yellow Dark Yellow
Pore Density 8-60ppi 8-60ppi 8-60ppi 8-60ppi
Porosity 80-90% 80-90% 80-90% 80-90%
Refractoriess <=1100℃ <=1500℃ <=1700℃ <=1000℃
Bending Strength >0.6Mpa >0.8Mpa >1.0Mpa >0.6Mpa
Compression Strength >0.8Mpa >0.9Mpa >1.2Mpa >0.8Mpa
Volume-weiht 0.3-0.45g/cm3 0.35-0.5g/cm3 0.9-1.5g/cm3 0.35-0.5g/cm3
Thermal shock resistance 6 times 6times 6times 6times
Application Aluminium, Aluminium alloys and other Non-ferrous alloys Ductile Cast Iron, Malleable Cast Iron, Gray Iron and other Cast Iron High melting point metal alloys like Steel,Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel etc. Magnesium and High-Active Alloy


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