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Alumina Ceramic Water Valve Plate
Alumina Ceramic Water Valve Plate

Alumina Ceramic Water Valve Plate

The alumina ceramic is widely used in grinding and dispersed, structural ceramics, electronics, refractory ceramic, magnetic material, metallurgy, medicine, food, cosmetics, textiles, printing and dyeing, pigment, ect.

Alumina ceramic feartures:

· Good mechanical strength

· Excellent electrical insulation

· High-frequency loss

· Good thermal conductivity

· Heat,Wear and corrosion resistance

· Resistance to high temperatures

Alumina Ceramic Valve

1. Alumina content of ceramic valve: 95% , 99%.

2. Using longevity: More than 500 thousand times

3. Roughness of ceramic valve: 0.4um

4. Aperture of ceramic valve: We can make the size as the requirement of customers

5. Paraller tolerance of ceramic valve: +/-0.05mm

6. Tolerance of ceramic valve: +/-0.05mm

7. Void ratio(Void ratio of shut): 20%

Application: Mainly applied to temperature modulator valve, conversion valve, modulator valve of surf and massage bathtub, LPG valves.

Flatness < = 0.6um
roughness < = 0.4um
Parallelism < = 0.5um Hardness > =85

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