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Cordierite material

Cordierite impresses with its particularly beneficial temperature characteristics. This means: Heat reactions hardly have any effect on a ceramic which is usually made from the natural raw materials of soapstone, clay, kaolin and corundum.

The material properties provide clear-cut confirmation:

  • Very slight thermal expansion
  • Thus an extremely high resistance to thermal shocks

Ongoing, typical examples of use:

  • Spark protection flats
  • Expansion bars for thermostats
  • Burner nozzles for car supplementary heating systems
  • Heater conductor carriers for sophisticated thermal operations
Color - Gray or white
H20 Absorption % 0
Density g/cm3 2.4-2.7
Hardness Moh’s 7
Flexural Strength MPa 50-60
Compressive Strength MPa 280-500
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Conductivity W/m K 1.3
Max. Service Temperature °C 1200
Dielectric Constant 1MHz 4.7-5
Volume Resistivity
Ohm-cm >1011

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