Our challenge consists in achieving excellence in both product quality and services for our customer’s benefit. Otherwise, COGEBI focuses on direct contact with the industrial end users, as this approach shortens reaction times, makes it easier for the partners to share information and, most importantly, is essential in moving the process forward with different people involved.

Wherever you are in the world, an engineer from one of the COGEBI locations – who is up to date on the special aspects of mica technology – will help you find just the right mica product for your application. And if we do not currently have the right solution, our R&D department will develop it for you, and with you.

The very latest production techniques mean that COGEBI can supply high-tech products with the kind of exceptional properties that our customers demand for their own advanced technologies.

This policy of ongoing contact with the outside world helps cogebi keep a close track on developments in the industrial markets, and helps us stay one step ahead of our customer’s needs.

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Ceramic Samples


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