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About us

Company profile
OFA Advanced Ceramics Co.,Ltd is a green and growing maker and supplier of ceramic-based materials. It now exports all its output  to European countries and to the Asia, Africa and American markets.

OFA advanced ceramics can be used in the fields of household appliances, electro-mechanics, metallurgy, vehicle manufacture, fluid transport, aerospace, medicine, refinery, food and chemical industries, packaging science, electronics, industrial and transmission electricity, and guided light wave transmission etc.

Our challenge consists in achieving excellence in both product quality and services for our customer’s benefit. Otherwise, OFA CERAMICS focuses on direct contact with the industrial end users, as this approach shortens reaction times, makes it easier for the partners to share information and, most importantly, is essential in moving the process forward with different people involved.

Our challenge is to develop an excellence in the quality of our products and service thanks to the competences and commitment of our employees.

OFA ceramics Policy

Customer’s satisfaction is our only target.  

We aim to satisfy our customer’s needs and surpass their expectations timely and constantly by providing high quality ceramic products & services.



General Conditions

Please read the following General Conditions of Sale.

Contact Information

TEL: 86-573-82052685

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Ceramic Samples


Want sample? Please arrange your express service to take free samples from us.